Xetex Business Systems, Inc. is a Pennsylvania corporation founded in 1987 to produce and support business management software specialized for distributors of print and promotional products. For over 20 years and for the foreseeable future, our primary mission is to help distributors become as efficient and successful as possible using our software and supporting services. Our software is called Xetex Xebra and we license it to companies as part of a subscription service called Xetex Xebra Advantage. Along with our business management software, we also provide E-Commerce software and services through a subscription called Xetex Xebra E-Commerce Advantage. Your E-Commerce web sites (or company stores) can integrate directly with the Xetex Xebra business operations software. If your company sells printing, advertising specialties, and/or office supplies, please visit to learn more about our software and services. We will work for your success.

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